Bus Safety Precautions

METRA is very proud of its long-standing safety record, with one of the finest transit systems in the country. We help keep safety standards high, and we ask our customers to help by following these safety and security precautions:

As a Passenger
  • Please stand back while buses approach the stop. Attempt to board only after vehicles have come to a complete stop and riders have exited the vehicles.
  • Always take your seat promptly after boarding a bus. Hold onto handrails if you are standing.
  • Be alert in public surroundings.
As a Pedestrian
  • Walk confidently and stay alert. Be aware of the people around you.
  • When possible, walk with a buddy or group.
  • If you think you are being followed, turn around and look for the nearest building for help, or cross the street and walk in the opposite direction.
  • In a parking lot, remember where your car is parked and get your keys out early.
  • Walk purposefully to your car, and keep an eye out for anything unusual.
  • If you are using headphones, keep the volume low so that you can hear surrounding noise.

Remember if you need help or want to report a crime, tell your METRA Bus Operator and they will contact 911.

Getting Help

METRA Bus Operators are constantly monitoring their routes. They are trained to handle various situations. Feel free to approach an operator for help.

To Call METRA Dispatch

On a bus, ask the driver to call for help. Call METRA, dial 706-225-4673.