Freedom Express Bus Museum

Experience what it was like to be on a segregated bus in the 1950's in the south. The Freedom Express Bus Museum was created to capture a defining moment in the history of our country. The events of December 1, 1955, led to the constitutional desegregation of public transportation. The Freedom Express Bus Museum serves as a tribute to the historical milestone for those who want to understand the significance of the bus boycott in Montgomery. You will see, hear, and experience the past for just a moment and gain some insight into the future.

The bus was acquired from the back yard of a Columbus citizen. Gurvish Walker and the METRA repair shop restored the bus to its present condition. It cost $25,000 to restore the bus, $7,000 from city funds and the rest from a federal grant. The exterior of the bus, though repainted, is in the same green-and-yellow color combination as the original. The bus will remain on the METRA campus, where it will be open to the public on Weekdays.

Advanced notice is required for a METRA tour guide. For guided tours, please call 706-225-4581 (Monday - Friday from 9:00 AM to 4:00 PM).

Bus Museum Location and Hours

814 Linwood Blvd
Between METRA's Main Office and Transfer Center

Monday - Saturday
Closed on METRA Holidays


Admission is FREE.