Parking Management

Parking Management Division's goal is to provide readily available, cost effective and convenient parking opportunities for Uptown employees and visitors. The Parking Management Division consists of a group of well-rounded, intelligent and professionally trained officers, who are dedicated to their jobs.

The responsibilities of the Parking Management Division include: day-to-day operations of the RiverCenter Garage, the City Services Center Garage, the Bay Avenue Garage, the 9th Street surface lot, the Columbus Consolidated Government Annex surface lot and enforcement of the parking ordinances enacted by the City of Columbus in designated areas.

Parking Area Enforcement

The area of enforcement for Uptown parking is between 9th Street and 14th Street and Bay Avenue to 3rd Avenue. Each street within the enforcement area has its own designated parking restrictions. On streets outside of Broadway, vehicles must move to another block or to another space on the opposite side of the street within that block to avoid a citation. On Broadway, you cannot park more than two (2) hours the entire day on any given block. You must move to another block and your two (2) hour time starts over. View METRA'S Uptown parking enforcement area map.

The Parking Division also enforces parking ordinances at the following locations:

Lakebottom Park
From the south curb of Garrard Street on the north to the north curb of 13th Street on the south and from the east curb of 18th Avenue on the west to the west curb of Cherokee Avenue on the east.

9th Avenue Street Parking
Between Linwood Blvd. and 15th Street.

North Lake Crossing Development
Streets enforced in this area includes the south curb of North Lake Parkway, the west curb of North Lake Connector and the south curb of North Lake Loop.

Uptown Residential Parking Permit

On-Street uptown residential parking permits will be issued by the Department of Transportation/METRA Parking Enforcement Division, located at 919 Broadway, Columbus, GA 31901. Phone: 706-225-4584. For more details about the permit, contact this office.

This permit must be RENEWED ANNUALLY at a cost of $25.00.

Uptown Residential Parking Permit Application

Items Required

  • Lease Agreement or Deed of Residence
  • Current Utility Bill
  • Current Vehicle Registration
  • Valid Driver's License

Forms Of Payment

  • Credit/Debit Card
  • Check
  • Money Order
  • Cash

Uptown Residential Parking Permit Restrictions

  1. Permit is valid "only" in designated residential parking areas
  2. Permit is not valid in 15 minute and 30 minute zones
  3. Permit is not valid on other streets outside of the Parking Management Jurisdiction

Application can be printed and/or one can be provided with all documents required when completing the application process at the RiverCenter Parking Garage, 919 Broadway.