Booting and Tickets

Overtime Parking with City Ordinances
Uptown Columbus parking overtime flyer

The Parking Division at METRA enforces all parking ordinances which can be found in the Columbus Code of Ordinances. Read the City's parking ordinances (Sec. 20-13.11).


A vehicle is booted when there are three (3) or more outstanding, unpaid parking tickets, the latest of which has been unpaid for a period of at least thirty (30) days.

When a vehicle that fits these criteria is identified, a delinquent citation notice is sent to the owner of the vehicle. The owner has seven (7) calendar days to pay the fines or to request a hearing. If the owner fails to do either of the above mentioned and the vehicle is spotted in the parking enforcement area it will be booted. After the vehicle is booted the owner will have twenty-four (24) hours to pay the fines or the vehicle will be towed.

Parking Tickets

To pay: The penalty indicated in the notice may be fully satisfied by paying online or by mail for the amount indicated on the front of the parking citation. Failing to pay the ticket within ten (10) days will result in additional costs (fine doubles) and/or issuance of a summons.

Pay Online

Citations are not available for online payment until the day after issuance.

By Mail

  • DO NOT MAIL CASH. Send check or money order for the correct amount.
  • Make payable to METRA Transit System.
  • Write citation number on check or money order.
  • Payment must be received by Parking on the due date by 5:00 PM to avoid additional fees.
  • Enclose ticket with payment.
  • Mail to the Post Office Box below.

P.O. Box 1340
Columbus, GA 31902-1340

In Person
Bring to one of the following locations:

  • River Center Parking Garage Office - (In Person & Drop Box - Main Location) 919 Broadway
  • Recorder's Court - (Drop Box Only) 702 10th St
  • Columbus Public Safety Building - (Drop Box Only) Lobby - 510 10th St
  • METRA Transit Admin - (In Person & Drop Box) 814 Linwood Blvd (located on the corner of Linwood Blvd and 9th Ave)
  • Finance, Cash Management Division - 5th Floor of the Government Center
Payments accepted: Cash, Check, Credit Card, and Money Order. (NO Coins Accepted)

To Protest a Ticket
Within 10 days from the date of the citation, bring a current picture identification card (i.e. driver's license or military identification) and the parking citation to the address below.

River Center Parking Garage - (Main Location)
919 Broadway
Columbus, GA 31901

METRA Administrative Office
814 Linwood Blvd
Columbus, GA 31901
(located on the corner of Linwood Blvd and 9th Ave)

Columbus Police Department (CPD) Citations
510 10th St
Columbus, GA 31901

Monday - Friday
8:00 AM to 5:00 PM
Closed on holidays