Columbus, Georgia, like cities across the country, wants to encourage environmental sustainability habits among its citizens. "Going Green" is the tag line that means an awful lot in today's society, as well as for future generations.

The challenges of high fuel prices, limited fuel reserves and resources, economic rifts and woes, and increasing aging population, youth spouting up like weeds, and folks simply unable to drive vehicles due to physical and fiscal challenges; these are just a few of the reasons that make this eco-program viable to our community.

METRA READS is a collaboration between the Valley Libraries and METRA Transit System. It is our sincere desire to promote and stimulate eco-consciousness by providing transit rewards for library use. This is a simple idea that has the potential for profound ramifications and benefits.

How the Program Works

Step 1. Individuals using the services at one the local libraries will be given a program card.

Step 2. Each day the card can be stamped one time at a library when services are used.

Step 3. The card can be turned into the library staff after ten (10) stamps, at which time the card holder will be given one (1) METRA one-way pass. The pass can be used for a trip on all fixed regular route buses Monday through Saturday.

Step 4. METRA provides CVLS one-way passes to be distributed as program participant cards are filled. The one-way passes will be counted by METRA, and this information will be used to document the program impact.

Baby steps that lead to giant steps that eventually lead to a jog, is our goal. Transit rewards for library use is one way of warming the community up to the idea that lessening negative environmental effects is a shared responsibility, and it can be accomplished easily. When our local libraries foster going green, this could lead to more eco-friendly habits and behaviors.

Columbus believes working together will make our home a better place to live.


METRA READS Flyer (en EspaƱol)