Fares And Passes

  • General
    • Adult
    • Student (ID required)
    • Senior Citizen / Disabled (ID required)
    • Medicare Recipients (Card & ID required)
  • Fort Moore
    • Adult
    • Senior Citizen / Disabled (ID required)
  • Children
    • Taller than fare box
    • Smaller than fare box, in seat
    • Smaller than fare box, in arms
      FREE *
  • Dail-A-Ride (Paratransit Service)
    • All Trips (ID required)
* Only one child can be held.
Passes and Special Fare Programs
Swipe Cards (Not for Paratransit Service)

Swipe cards are a great option for frequent riders! Pay one time and have unlimited rides for up to 31 days. Swipe cards are available for purchase at METRA's Transfer Center from 4:00 AM to 6:30 PM Monday through Saturday.

Days Adult Disabled / Senior
(ID required)
(ID required)
7 $15.50 $7.75
14 $28.00 $14.00
31 $53.00 $26.50 $23.00
Student Identification Card for Reduced Fare

Students attending schools in Columbus, GA may qualify for reduced fare on METRA's Fixed Route bus service. A monthly Swipe Card is $23.00 for unlimited rides. Students may use their current school identification card or purchase an identification card from METRA. The ID must include the expiration date.

Students must complete and submit an application to purchase a METRA ID Print Application for Student ID Card. The cost of a METRA Student ID is $6.00.

Download and complete the Student ID Form

One-Way Reduced Rate Passes (for Disable, Seniors, and Students)

METRA offers One Way Passes for Disable, Seniors, and Students at the reduced rate:

  • Rate
    • Disable
    • Senior
    • Student
Half–Fare Program

METRA issues half–fare passes for senior citizens and disabled riders. The pass allows you to travel at half the regular fare at all times on the bus system. Medicare cards are accepted for half–fare with picture identification. Eligibility Requirements: Age 62+ or a physical or mental disability. A valid ID with proof of age is needed as well.

Senior Citizen's ID Card Application
Reduced Fare Eligibility Certificate for Disabled ID

Dial–A–Ride/Paratransit Services

METRA provides ADA Complementary Paratransit Service (Dial–A–Ride) to eligible persons with disabilities who are, because of their disability, unable to board, ride or disembark from an accessible vehicle in METRA's regular bus service. Service is provided with special lift–equipped buses curb–to–curb, shared ride basis. Visit our Dial-A-Ride web page for more details.

Summer Fun Pass Program (Seasonal, June – August)

The "Summer Fun Connection" begins June 1st and continues through August 31st. Student's ages 9 to 18 can participate in the program, but an adult must accompany kids 12 and under. The Summer Fun Passes are available at METRA Transit System's Transfer Center located at 814 Linwood Blvd, Monday through Saturday from 4:30 AM until 10:00 PM. The cost is only $23.00… that's as little as $0.15 cents per trip! You must have a student ID or purchase a $3.00 Summer Fun ID, Monday through Friday, 8:00 AM until 7:00 PM.

To participate in METRA's Summer Fun Pass Program, fill out the Summer Fun Student Identification Form located at the METRA Transfer Center. After reading and completing the Identification Form, bring the form and $23.00 to the METRA Transfer Center, 814 Linwood Blvd. Students with their School ID only pay $20 for the Summer Fun Pass. (Passes without School ID are $23.)

Kids can travel to sites around town on any of our regular route buses, including the Columbus Public Library, Shirley Winston Super Center, Columbus Park Crossing, Peachtree Mall, Comer Recreational Center, Cooper Creek Park, Columbus Museum, Columbus Civic Center, Riverwalk, South Commons, Coca-Cola Space Center, Bowlero bowling alley, and any place METRA's fixed route buses travel.