Rider Guide

Plan Your Trip
  • Use METRA schedules and maps available on buses, at METRA's Transfer Center (located at 9th Ave and 15th St), on our Route Information web page, or call 706-225-4673 for information.
  • Find your destination on the map.
  • Find the starting point and the closest bus stop where you'll wait for the bus.
  • Look at the schedule timepoints from left to right to get an idea of the bus route. Many stops fall between timepoints and are not listed on the schedule. If your stop falls between a timepoint, refer to the nearest timepoint shown before your location.
Planning Tips
  • Have a pen or pencil ready.
  • Be ready to tell the Transfer Center operator the following:
    • Where you are
    • Where you want to go
    • What time you want to leave
    • Which day of the week you're traveling
    • What time you need to be at your destination
Boarding Bus
  • Arrive at the bus stop about three to five minutes before the bus is scheduled to arrive, according to the prior time point on the schedule. Please remember that the bus will board customers at designated bus stops ONLY. METRA bus stops are blue, white and orange with a bus and METRA logo on them.
  • Make sure you are at the bus stop as the bus approaches your stop. This will let the bus operator know that you wish to board. Watch carefully for your route number on the bus. Many bus stops are served by more than one bus, so make sure you are getting on the right bus. If you are not sure, ask the operator before you pay the fare.
  • Enter the bus through the front door and pay your fare. You may pay with cash, one-way tickets, or swipe cards. Medicare cards are accepted for half fare with a picture identification. Fare boxes accept dollar bills and coins, but do not make change. Bus Operators do not carry change. You must have the exact fare ready. Reduced fare customers are required to show a proper picture identification with fare payment. The required age for seniors is 62 with proper ID card. Hold onto the handrails as you find a seat; the bus may begin to move before you sit down. The seats directly up front are reserved for senior and disable customers.
Riding Bus
  • Priority seating is available to senior citizens and disabled customers at the front of the bus.
  • Service animals for persons with disabilities are allowed on the bus.
  • Radios must be listened to through earphones ONLY.
  • Eating, drinking and smoking is NOT allowed on the bus.
  • Parcels and packages shall be kept on laps and carts and strollers shall not block the aisles. Packages cannot occupy seats.
  • No unnecessary conversations with the Bus Operator is permitted. Operators may discuss route information only.
  • No profanity is allowed.

Enjoy the ride, but stay alert. If you need assistance while traveling, bus riders may ask our friendly drivers to help you identify your stop.

Exiting Bus

As you approach your stop, signal the operator that you want to get off by pressing the yellow tape or pulling the cord near the windows. BUSES WILL ONLY STOP AT BUS STOPS to ensure safety. Remain seated until the bus comes to a complete stop. Please give the Bus Operator enough notice so that he may make a smooth stop. Exit through the rear door, if possible, to allow new customers to board through the front. Just push the rear door handle bars, and the doors will open.

Printable Guides

Rider Guide Brochure [ en espaƱol ]