About the Land Bank

Volunteers planting fruit trees at the Bibb City Orchard
Bibb City resident and grower, Jenn Collins, leads volunteers planting fruit trees at the Bibb City Orchard on land acquired by the Land Bank. Orchard volunteers partner with Local Food Oasis and Community Foundation to continue the work to improve their neighborhood.

Established in 1992, the Land Bank Authority of Columbus, GA was among the first land banks in the country. Like many cities, Columbus faces challenges near the city center and inner ring suburbs stemming from the spread of property vacancy and dilapidated structures. When properties are abandoned, entire neighborhoods are left to struggle with the consequences. Governed by a board of 7 members appointed by City Council, the Land Bank is one tool our community uses to turn abandoned spaces into vibrant places.

In 2018, The Land Bank Authority saw a number of supportive actions taken by local leaders to re-energize this community tool including an injection of federal Community Development Block Grant (CDBG) funds, technical assistance from the Center for Community Progress, and the hiring of the Land Bank's first staff director.


Policies and Procedures Adopted April 4, 2019
Programs and Prices Adopted April 4, 2019
By Laws Adopted December 5, 2019