More Information About Public and Private Property

Did you know your local government entities are a great source of information for anyone interested in real estate and community development? Below are some data sources, many of them map-based, that can help you make informed decisions when partnering with the Land Bank Authority.

Low to Moderate Income Areas (HUD/CDBG)

This map shows census tracts with 51% or more of households with low to moderate income. Community-oriented projects to bring properties back to good use in these neighborhoods may qualify for Community Development Block Grant (CDBG) assistance.

Public Access Site for Property Records

The Tax Assessor and Tax Commissioner maintain a database of all property records. You can search by owner, address, or parcel number and view detailed records. Information includes owner, square footage, land and property values, assessment, tax profile, sales history, and more.

Muscogee County Clerk of Superior Court

The Muscogee County Clerk of Superior Court records and processes all documents related to real estate in Muscogee County. Examples of documents include deeds, liens, and plats.

Code Case Dashboard

The City's Department of Inspections and Code provides the public with this nifty tool. Here you can see past code cases as well as properties on the demolition list. In many cases, properties being conveyed through the Land Bank might have demolition liens. The Land Bank can extinguish taxes and liens.

Land Use, Planning, and Zoning

Anyone interested in partnering with the Land Bank is responsible for ensuring their proposals meet the requirements of development ordinances including zoning. Here is a good place to start. The map also contains boundaries for historic districts and economic development incentive zones (enterprise, opportunity, tax allocation districts, etc.).

Vacant Lots (City Owned)

Use this map to find city-owned vacant lots for potential sites as community gardens, pocket parks, and other green neighborhood amenities. If you are interested in purchasing a lot, complete the application on the Apply section.

Geographic Information Systems (GIS)

GIS professionals are embedded in various departments within City government. They routinely publish new maps, dashboards, and other tools to help the public access geographically referenced data.