Public Facilities


In today’s world, our communities face increasingly complex challenges, from economic or social shocks and stresses to natural disasters. These challenges demand that communities be resourceful. CDBG funded Public Facilities and Improvements can be an important part of a community development strategy by making funds available to assist non-profit agencies to conduct public facility projects critical to community vitality and sustainability.

Through Community Development Block Grant (CDBG) Public Facilities funds, the Columbus Consolidated Government can fund and support an array of public facilities, including but not limited to:

  • Infrastructure improvements (construction or installation) including, but not limited to streets, curbs, and water and sewer lines;
  • Neighborhood facilities including, but not limited to public schools, libraries, recreational facilities, parks, playgrounds; and
  • Facilities for persons with special needs such as facilities for the homeless or domestic violence shelters, nursing homes, or group homes for the disabled.

Within the City of Columbus, there continues to be a need for services to increase the effectiveness of physical investments that improve conditions for the elderly, youth, low-income persons, homeless, and other special populations.

Public facilities are an essential component to a comprehensive community development strategy. Public facilities activities not only provide direct benefits to those assisted, but also can serve to link other CDBG investment, such as economic development, public services and housing activities, together for a stronger impact.

Ineligible Activities

Certain activities are not eligible for CDBG Public facilities funding. They include:

  • Funding for activities already provided by a city or state, ongoing funding for municipal services, and direct payments to individuals (payments must go directly to service providers).
  • Continuous payments or non-emergency payments for more than 3 consecutive months, such as ongoing rent subsidies or heating bills.
  • Political or religious activities such as campaigning for legislative reform or for activities that include religious worship, instruction, or counseling.

How to Apply?

Qualified organizations that are interested in CDBG Public facilities funds will need to fill out the public facilities application. The Columbus Consolidated Government, Community Reinvestment Department provides an application to invite non-profit organizations to submit proposals for the Community Development Block Grant (CDBG) allocated from the Federal Government Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD).

The application is available by clicking here: Neighborly Software

First In First Ready First Served?

CDBG Public Facilities funds are available monthly through a competitive application process to assist Columbus in carrying out significant community and economic development projects that principally benefit low-and moderate- income persons. In order to make the application process more competitive, Community Reinvestment is moving towards a pipeline system. Projects that ready will be first served. Projects that are not ready will have the opportunity to build and utilize funding if and once they are ready to go. This will competitively expedite the implementation of CDBG Public Facilities and Infrastructure funding.


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