Land Bank Board Meetings

The Land Bank Board Meetings take place in the First Floor Conference Room at the Government Annex Building located at 420 10th St. The meetings are open to the public. The Land Bank convenes once a month on the second Wednesday of the month. Meetings may be canceled or rescheduled if a quorum is not reached.

2023 Schedule

Wednesday, January 11
Wednesday, February 08
Wednesday, March 08
Wednesday, April 12
Wednesday, May 17
Wednesday, June 14
Wednesday, July 12
Wednesday, August 09
Wednesday, September 13
Thursday, September 21
Wednesday, October 11
Wednesday, November 08
Wednesday, December 13

2024 Schedule

Wednesday, January 10
Wednesday, February 14
Wednesday, March 13
Wednesday, April 10
Wednesday, May 08
Wednesday, June 12
Wednesday, July 10
Wednesday, August 14
Wednesday, September 11
Wednesday, October 09
Wednesday, November 13
Wednesday, December 11

Meet the Team

The Land Bank Authority of Columbus, GA is governed by a board of volunteer members appointed by Council. We are fortunate to have a group of subject matter experts in real estate, banking, finance, and law to guide Land Bank activity.

The Board
  • Sherri Aaron, Chair
  • Steve Anthony, Vice Chair
  • Michelle Williams, Secretary
  • Carson Cummings, Treasurer
  • Alston Auten, Board Member
  • Deidre Tilley, Board Member
  • Rob Scott, Director of Community Reinvestment and Real Estate
  • Natalie Bouyett, Real Estate Specialist

Governing Documents

Policies and Publications Adopted April 4, 2019
By Laws Adopted Decemeber 5, 2019