Real Estate


The Community Reinvestment Department, in partnership with the Land Bank Authority, provides comprehensive real property management for the Columbus Consolidated Government. Together, we help the City:

  • Acquire property to serve the public interest.
  • Dispose of public property through surplus, sale, or lease.
  • Work with nonprofit organizations to prioritize affordable housing and community improvement projects.
  • Support public-private efforts for community revitalization and economic development.
  • Ensure the use of publicly transferred property meets performance criteria.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How do I purchase property from the City?
  • First, you fill out a preliminary application expressing interest in the property. Next, City staff review your request to ensure property is no longer needed for public use. Based on the level of interest for the property as well as the characteristics of the applicant, staff will recommend a surplus and disposition strategy to City Council. If Council approves the property for surplus, staff will execute disposition according to the approved plan. In most cases, sealed bids will be collected for two weeks after public notice of the sale. In some cases, the City may transfer property to the Land Bank Authority for disposition.
  • Will the city buy my property?
  • Call us at 706-225-4613 to inquire.
  • Why does the city only accept Fair Market Value (FMV)?
  • Local governments who sell public assets at a perceived loss open themselves to criticism. Often the sale of real property for FMV is the easiest way to ensure maximum public benefit resulting from the sale. By partnering with the Land Bank, we can return these properties back to good use and advance neighborhood goals rather than just based on the sale price.
  • Who maintains property owned by the City?
  • Property owned by the City is generally maintained by the Public Works Department.