This program is currently not accepting applications.

Sweet Home Columbus

Dear Future Homeowner:

Thank you for your interest in the Sweet Home Columbus down-payment assistance program. The intent of the DPA Program is to make homeownership affordable for residents within the Muscogee County, Georgia area.

If you are interested in the program you will need to attend an 8-hour HUD approved Housing Counseling Seminar with either NeighborWorks Columbus (706) 324-4663, Urban League of Greater Columbus (706) 322-6840 or Habitat for Humanity (706) 653-6003 and obtain a certificate of completion. Counseling should be within 12 months prior to purchase.

After completing the Housing Counseling Seminar, you would contact one of the certified mortgage lenders to be pre-approved for a mortgage loan. The lending institution will then begin the process of your loan being approved for the DPA Program. Only fixed rate loans are approved.

Down-Payment assistance is provided in the form of a zero-percent deferred loan 5% of the sales price up to $14,975.00 and an additional $1,000 for pre-paid fees (taxes and insurance). The entire amount must go toward the down payment of the home. The purchaser is not allowed to receive any portion of the funds as cash back at closing. The seller or purchaser is responsible for the closing cost of the loan. The property must be owner-occupied principal residence for five years.

Please Note: All information will be verified at the time your application is taken. If borrower currently owns a home, it must be sold prior to applying. The current home cannot be rented or leased. Homeowners will be responsible for continued maintenance of their homes.

For more information, please call the Community Reinvestment Department at (706) 225-4613.

Columbus, GA 2023 Maximum Income Limits (80% MFI) in effect until June 30, 2024