Consolidated Annual Performance and Evaluation Report (CAPER)


The Consolidated Annual Performance and Evaluation Report (CAPER) is a summary of the activities and accomplishments toward the goals/objectives outlined in the City's Consolidated Plan. The Community Reinvestment Department prepares the CAPER report each year which includes detailed information on the activities funded by the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) formula grant programs: CDBG and HOME.

The CAPER also assesses the progress made in meeting community development, housing, and homeless needs in the Community. The City of Columbus utilizes the CAPER report to measure its accomplishments and progress toward the specific goals outlined by the Consolidated Plan. The CAPER's findings determine what projects need to be modified or removed.

Public Input and Community Feedback

The Community Reinvestment Department provides for and encourages citizens to participate in the development, revision, amendment, adoption, and implementation of all HUD required documents and plans. In accordance with the Columbus Consolidated Government's Citizen Participation Plan, the notice of availability for draft Annual Action Plans/CAPER Reports and holding of a public meeting will be published in the Columbus Ledger-Enquirer Newspaper. Additionally, draft copies of these documents are made available at the following public library locations throughout the City and online at the Community Reinvestment department website:

  • 420 10th Street - Columbus Consolidated Government Annex Building, 2nd Floor, Community Reinvestment Department
  • 3111 Citizens Way - Columbus Consolidated Government, City Services Center
  • 3000 Macon Road - Columbus Public Library
  • 640 Veterans Parkway - Mildred L. Terry Public Library
  • 5689 Armour Road - North Columbus Public Library
  • 2034 South Lumpkin Road - South Columbus Public Library

In addition to the public meetings, staff from the Community Reinvestment Department regularly correspond with various agencies and organizations involved in affordable housing, homelessness, educational services, economic development, and services for the elderly and/or disabled.

If you are a part of a nonprofit organization or a citizen and would like more information regarding our programs, please call (706) 225-4313.

City FY23 - Draft CAPER

The City FY23 draft CAPER is available for review. Please click the link below to view the draft CAPER.

CAPER, City'a Fiscal Year 2023 (DRAFT)

CAPER Presentation Fiscal Year 2023

City FY22 - Draft CAPER

The City FY22 draft CAPER is available for review. Please click the link below to view the draft CAPER.

CAPER, City's Fiscal Year 2022 (DRAFT)

After review, if you choose to leave a public comment; please email Kimberly Mitchell at