Land Bank Authority Acquiring Property

Thank you for your interest in properties held by the Land Bank Authority. Our mission is to acquire underutilized properties and put them back into a productive use status.

Land Bank Authority Process for Acquiring Property

The Land Bank Authority offers 2 ways to acquire property.

  1. Property owned by the Land Bank Authority is conveyed to an applicant chosen at the Land Bank Authority Board meeting within 30 days of selection. For more information or to see the properties available, click on Land Bank Authority Inventory.
  2. The Land Bank Authority can put properties that are more than 1 year delinquent on property taxes through a Judicial In-Rem Foreclosure but typically a foreclosure will not be considered until the property is 5 years delinquent on property taxes. The foreclosure may take up to 6 months but allows the Land Bank to clear all liens including property tax, demo, and grass liens. To view properties available to be petitioned for foreclosure, click on Properties Qualified for Foreclosure.
Land Bank Authority: Lots of Good Use.

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