Highly Visible Pollutant Sources

Highly Visible Pollutant Sources (HVPS) are facilities that have high traffic and the potential to be a source of pollution for our waterways. Several businesses fall in this category, including gas stations, auto repair shops, car washes, and other similar facilities and practices. Stormwater staff must regularly inspect these types of businesses in an effort to minimize the potential of stormwater runoff pollution.


CCG Stormwater staff has prepared several informative brochures regarding HVPS. Each brochure details the common types of pollution that are found at these businesses.

Auto Repair Shops

Gas Stations

General HVPS Fact Sheet

Car Washes

Car washes, both stationary and mobile, can be a source of pollution. New businesses are required to be inspected by the Stormwater Division in order to obtain a business license. Contact a Stormwater Inspector if you are interested in opening an auto detail business.

Car Washes

Wastewater Runoff