Encroachment/Driveway Permit

  • When is an Encroachment permit required?
  • An Encroachment Permit is required to work on any public right-of-way within the city.
  • When is a Driveway Permit Required?
  • A Driveway Permit must be obtained prior to constructing or replacing driveway entrances on public rights-of-way. All construction must meet current CCG standards.
  • How much does an Encroachment/Driveway permit cost?
  • An Encroachment/ Driveway Permit costs $100. This covers the application review fee and the inspection fee.

Applying for an Encroachment or Driveway Permit

The following documents are required for the permitting process:

  1. Encroachment/ Driveway Application
  2. Three (3) copies of a site plan detailing location, scope of work, and dimensions of the encroachment or driveway

You may complete the application before you visit us, or we can assist you once you arrive. The Encroachment/ Driveway Application and site plans can be submitted at CCG’s Engineering Department’s front desk or can be emailed to the Engineering Department. Payment can be made at the Engineering Department’s front desk or submitted via email by filling out the credit card payment form below. Please allow one week for review. Current Residential Driveway Standards can be found here.

Encroachment/Driveway Application

Example Encroachment Application

Example Driveway Application

Payment Form

Once your application is approved

Once your application has been approved, you will be contacted by CCG’s Engineering Department and given a copy of the approved permit. You must notify the Department at least 24 hours prior to beginning the project. An Inspector will visit your site either before, after, or during the project to ensure compliance with the approved site plan.