Site Development Plan Review Process

To begin the site development permit process, submit a Land Disturbing Submittal Form, a Site Development Permit Application, and a Fee Submittal Form. These are available below under Applications. Please make sure each one is completely filled out and where necessary signed by the property owner.

At this time you will also submit the required development fees. There is a document listing the development fees under Submittal Requirements.

For the initial review three (3) sets of site plans will be required along with one (1) copy of the hydrological analysis with a Professional Engineer’s Seal. Also include a copy of the up to date State Of Georgia erosion and sedimentation checklist (8.5”x11” letter size format). The link to this document is listed below under Helpful Documents. This checklist is also required for projects with less than one acre of disturbed area.

For projects with 0.95 disturbed acreage or greater please submit the NPDES fee and form to the city. Also for projects greater than or equal to 0.95 disturbed acreage, file NOI fee and form with the state of Georgia EPD and provide a copy to the city. All of these forms are listed below under Applications.

Following the submittal of your application and necessary fees, our review process will begin. Review will take fifteen (15) business days, if all necessary information has been submitted. Upon completion of review only the engineer listed on the application will be contacted with our review comments. After we receive revised plans with a written response to the review comments, we will inform the engineer about the plans approval/disapproval within ten (10) business days. Please refer to the site development flow chart below as well as the checklists listed below for additional information.

Submittal Requirements


Helpful Documents