Stormwater Division

No Dumping


The Stormwater Division’s purpose and goal is to ensure the protection and improvement of our surface water resources within Muscogee County and the Columbus Consolidated Government’s compliance with its Municipal Separate Storm Sewer System (MS4) Discharge Permit, issued by the Georgia Environmental Protection Division.

MS4 Permit


The Stormwater Management Program (SWMP) contains a variety of programs that are required to stay in compliance with the MS4 Permit. The SWMP must be amended and updated on a regular basis to meet current and future regulations.

Stormwater Management Program

The Stormwater Division is responsible for several programs included in the SWMP. These consist of finding illicit connections or discharges to the storm sewer system, inspecting a variety of facilities for stormwater runoff quantity and/or quality, public education and involvement, and testing water samples for indicators of pollution and water quality.

Compliance Inspections

Stormwater Inspectors have the authority to write citations and take citizens to court for violating local ordinances. Routine inspections for various facilities are required under the MS4 Permit. After an inspection has taken place, a Notice to Comply will be issued if there are necessary corrective actions, or if there are egregious violations, a warning or citation will be issued. It is important to note that a warning or a Notice to Comply is not a citation, but if instructions or actions are not satisfied, will lead to a citation. Occasionally corrective actions can’t be completed by the deadline listed on the Notice to Comply. CCG may grant a Compliance Extension of up to one year, as long as action is being taken to correct the violations. The responsible party must submit a complete Compliance Extension Request and include a hardship and general timeline to complete all corrective actions. Requests should be emailed to the inspector on the Notice to Comply.

Compliance Extension Request

Other Responsibilities

In addition to the programs in the SWMP, we also maintain an inventory of various floodplain documents, assist citizens and insurance agents on their flood insurance policies, and investigate stormwater infrastructure for deficiencies.