Health & Wellness Center

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The Health & Wellness Center (The Wellness Center) is a full service medical office. All services provided through a General Practitioner are offered through the Health & Wellness Center.

Physicians at The Wellness Center are qualified to handle a broad spectrum of primary care services including Preventative Care, Disease Management, and Urgent Care. If a physician is not able to address your needs, an appropriate referral will be made.

if you choose to continue using your current gynecologist or pediatricians, you may do so while on the Health & Wellness Plan. no referrals are needed to see your current gynecologist or pediatricians.

In addition to medical services, The Wellness Center also carries a supply of common prescription medications on-site.

On-site healthcare services, health assessments, and wellness programs are provided by CareATC.

Why choose the Health & Wellness Center?
  • Free Services – It doesn't get any better than free and all Wellness Center services are free to all employees and their dependents. This compares to a $30 primary care physician office visit copayment for the current plans and $40 for a specialist visit.
  • Lower Specialist Copays – Although The Wellness Center medical staff can handle most of your needs, when you do need to see a specialist.
  • Free Prescriptions – The Wellness Center will dispense many generic and some brand prescriptions directly to patients. This can provide a big savings in both cash and time waiting in line at the pharmacy. Review the Health & Wellness Center's Formulary List.
  • Stable Premiums – Employees who indicate their willingness to participate in the wellness program will have no increase to their payroll deductions for medical coverage. A 7.3% increase in premium will be applied to employees who do not participate in the wellness program, fail to complete the personal health assessment, or who do not remain compliant in the health coaching program.
  • Quick and Easy Appointments – A quick toll-free phone call will result in a time sensitive appointment tailored to meet the individual needs of each caller. Appointments can also be scheduled online or in the CareATC app.
  • No Sick Leave Charge for Appointments at the Wellness Center – Because you won't be spending a half-day at the doctor's office, appointments at the Wellness Center will not be charged to sick leave if you return to work promptly. A technician at the wellness center will issue each employee a time-stamped return to work note. (Return to work note is not required if appointment is at end of work day.)
  • Short Waiting Times – On most visits you may be the only patient in the waiting area. Because our Wellness Center will not overbook the doctor's time, patients will not only be seen promptly, but also for the full amount of time they deserve, based on each patient's individual needs.
  • Personalized Care – Unlike many private medical practices, the Wellness Center medical staff will have the time to provide a personalized care plan for each patient. Our goal is to help each patient to be healthier, happier, and more productive.
  • Discount Services – To save employees even more, Wellness Center Management will contract for discounted services with the best health care providers in the area.
Our Office

1124 Broadway
Columbus, GA 31901

Office hours:
Monday - Friday
8:30 am to 5:30 pm
Office Closures

To schedule an appointment, call 1 - 800 - 993 - 8244. Office visits by appointment only. No Walk-ins.