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Columbus Consolidated Government commits to promoting and developing employee talent. The Learning Center provides a dynamic variety of workshops, trainings, and educational events throughout the year to take your skills to the next level. Register for a course today!

Bobbee Zorra
Training & Development Manager
The Learning Center
Government Center East Wing 2nd Floor
100 10th Street
Columbus, GA 31902-1340
Phone: 706 - 225 - 3642

The location of the rooms in the Learning Center can be found in the Learning Center Rooms section.

Classes / Programs



The Microsoft Series are practical hands-on workshops teaching Word, PowerPoint, and Excel. Whether you are just starting out in using the Microsoft Office Suite programs, or want to delve into advanced strategies, participants will confidently create professional documents, spreadsheets, and slide decks.

If you are supervising and evaluating employees, these 2-hour online trainings reviews procedures and policies of performance assessment. Forms and best practices are reviewed and participants will be given access to CCG review forms after the successful completion of the workshop and content quiz.

Your workplace should be a place free of harassment and hostility. This training covers US Equal Employment Opportunity Commission guidelines for the legal and professional compliance of safe workplaces. Topics covered include descriptions of illegal harassment, examples of different harassment situations, employee rights and responsibilities, the process of reporting harassment, and consequences of engaging in unacceptable conduct.

Using established training materials from American Cancer Society’s Fresh Start program, employees will learn skills and strategies to reduce tobacco use. Total time is 8 hours organized into 2-hour workshops conducted 2x a week for 2 weeks.

CareATC in partnership with CCG present these fun and informative health and wellness presentations hosted by a CareATC health expert. Topics include exercise, nutrition, mental health, stress management, and other health related topics. The Learning Center will facilitate with promotions and participation prizes. Topics change every month!

For the employee who envision a leadership role in the organization, this CCG foundational program partners with leadership institutes, universities, and business to provide cutting edge knowledge on effective management, problem solving, communication, organizational behavior, and interpersonal engagement. Applications for the LDP class of 2021 will be open in the Spring.

Develop the skills and knowledge to enhance every part of your professional life. Check out The Learning Center pages often for new courses and workshops that explore relevant and real-world skills such public speaking, conflict management, dynamic presentations, mind-mapping, critical thinking and writing, and many more.

These sessions will present a platform for employees to learn about self-care and resources for employees on the topics of stress-management, anxiety, grief-care, and keeping positive through difficult times. These online sessions are led by licensed clinicians from the Pastoral Institute. Learn also how to best use your EAP benefits.

While the 2020-2021 Leadership Development Program is now closed to applications, there are still opportunities to join select presentations offered by the Columbus State University Leadership Institute. Look for announcements throughout February to April 2021.


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