Training & Development

Columbus Consolidated Government committeed to promoting and developing its employee talents.

The Learning Center

The Learning Center provides a dynamic variety of workshops, trainings, and educational events throughout the year to take your skills to the next level. Register for a course today!

Bobbee Zorra
Training and Development Coordinator
Government Center | East Wing | 2nd Floor
100 10th Street
Columbus GA, 31902 - 1340
(706) 225-3642

Training Topics

Neogov Learn (LMS) Course Catalog

Learn various methods to use and develop your job role skills that you utilize for everyday in the workplace. Active CCG employees have access to 1,500+ course catalog, the catalog includes course topics around communication skills, teamwork, and ethical decision making.

  • Business Skills
  • Diversity & Inclusion
  • Driver Safety
  • Health & Safety
  • Leadership & Management
Standard Training
Standard Training

Columbus Consolidated Government employees are subject to regulatory and mandatory training requirements. Those requirements for individuals based on their job duties or position assignment.

  • Harassment Prevention
  • Performance Review
  • Smoking Cessation
LMS Administrator Training

The Learning Management System (LMS), also known as NeoGov Learn, is used across the organization of CCG. The LMS is used to track course registrations, complete mandatory and online trainings, view training history, certifications, and more. To be become an LMS Administrator, ensure the role is right for you and you have supervisor/manager approval before enrollment.

Wellness Training
Wellness Webinars & Workshops

CCG has partnered with CareATC and Pastoral Institute to promote the wellness of our employees and as an organization as a whole.

  • Lunch & Learn
  • Wellness Series

Leadership Development Program

The Leadership Development Program (LDP) is a 12-month program designed for potential or existing supervisors and/or managers. The Leadership Development Program includes a core curriculum and a set of elective courses. Leading others requires individuals to acquire and grow a new set of skills and abilities. The courses outline in this program will range in competencies and topics that will help build the individual leadership foundation. These courses will be delivered from attending instructor led classes to completing courses online.

Microsoft Office | Live 1-On-1 Coaching

Get started with Microsoft Office or take your Microsoft Office skills to the next level. The Learning Center provides coaching to support employees interested in improving their skills or workflow in the available coaching levels of Microsoft Office provided:

  • Excel - Knowledge level from Basic to Advance
  • Word - Knowledge level from Basic to Advance
  • PowerPoint - Knowledge level from Basic to Advance
  • Teams - Knowledge level from Basic to Advance
  • Outlook - Knowledge level from Basic to Intermediate
  • SharePoint - Knowledge level Basic to Intermediate
  • OneNote - Knowledge level from Basic to Intermediate

The benefits of these sessions will help you understand Microsoft Office applications enhancing your skills and knowledge. Tailored and individualized support by practicing and providing guidance. 

Sessions can be scheduled from 30-minutes to 1-hour to help you understand Microsoft Office whether it be to develop, train, or improve existing skills for you. 

Training and coaching are now available live, online. 

When submitting a request, please include the following information: 

  • Name & Department
  • Type of Microsoft Office application requesting to focus on during coaching
  • Desired timeframe for coaching
  • Please provide any additional information that will help us assist you. 

University Partners

Troy University

Contact Person: Susan Nichols
Office: 334-448-5104
Website »

troy university logo


  • 10% tuition scholarship to all full-time employees of Columbus Consolidated Government
  • For assistance with the employee tuition scholarship, please contact Carmen Foster at 334-448-5121 or via e-mail at
  • The tuition scholarship is effective for enrollment in future terms and will not be applied retroactively.
  • Wavied application fee.
  • Free transcript evaluation
  • Access to TROY Career Services recruitment tool and job posting network, Handshake. Employers may post jobs and internships for all TROY students to view and apply.
  • Download this guide to using Handshake and start recruiting TROY students today: Handshake Guide for Partners

Troy University is a proud partner of Columbus Consolidated Government. The partnership offers a tuition scholarship to all full-time employees of Columbus Consolidated Government. Scholarships are applicable to all University degree programs and certificate programs, at all University locations including Troy online offerings.

Grand Canynon University

Contact Person: Pamela Burton
Military Affiliated Contact Person: LeAnne Marks
Office: 602-247-2110
Toll Free: 800-532-6055
Website »

grand canyon university logo


  • Employees of Columbus Consolidated Government, you are eligible for a 10% scholarship off tuition. This scholarship is only valid for applicants who are employees or members of Columbus Consolidated Government and submit a complete application for an online or evening GCU degree program beginning on or before June 24, 2025.

GCU offers content, instruction, and academic oversight of the Programs through the Colangelo College of Business, College of Humanities and Social Sciences, College of Science, Engineering and Technology, College of Doctoral Studies, College of Education, College of Nursing and Health Care Professions and College of Fine Arts and Production.

Strayer University

Contact Person: Travis K Norris
Phone: 855-203-0551
Website »

strayer university logo


  • Both employees and volunteers are eligible for the Civic & Community Alliance Scholarship. In the event relatives do not qualify for the scholarship, employee spouses, domestic partners, and/or dependents are eligible for 10% off tuition as a new or readmitted student.
  • More information on the Civic and Community Alliance Scholarship Program located here

For 130 years, Strayer University has been committed to enriching the lives of others through both education and service to communities across the nation. Because of your impact on the community at large, Strayer University has identified Columbus Consolidated Government as a most valued resource to the State of Georgia. I am pleased to announce Strayer University is offering Columbus Consolidated Government team members 50% off their undergraduate or graduate degree. The institution’s innovative programs and services have helped employees advance their careers and improve their lives for more than a century. This is an opportunity for our valued and respected team members to not only save tuition dollars but also finish and/or start their degree.

Please bear in mind the Civic & Community Alliance Scholarship is for employees and volunteers only. However, via this partnership, spouses, domestic partners, and/or dependents as defined in the agreement are eligible for 10% off tuition as a new or readmitted student. Please see attached flyers.

Walden University

Contact Person: Don Cook
Phone: 706-718-5341
Website »

walden university logo


  • Eligible Employees and Affiliates of Columbus Consolidated Government can receive a 10% tuition reduction.
  • Enrollment Specialists are available to answer any questions you may have. Call or request information today to get started.
  • Access to Engagement Hub Webcast Videos of various topics on partner webpage.

At Walden University, we believe in the power of education to transform lives. We help working professionals eliminate financial barriers, access our online degree programs, and realize their higher education goals.

Looking for a training room or computer lab?

The Learning Center has training rooms and computer labs available for training use. Each room/lab is equipped with computers, projector, whiteboard, and high-speed internet.


Rotunda Room


Magnolia Room


Einstein Computer Lab







Cavezza Room


Cherokee Room