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Submitting a Response

Responses must be submitted via DemandStar. Refer to the respective solicitation for the Submission Requirements, Submission Requirements Checklist, and DemandStar Registration and Submission Instructions. Failure to submit electronic responses, via DemandStar, will result in the rejection of your response. Submittals received via U.S. Postal Service, FedEx, UPS, Email, Fax, etc., will be returned unopened at the expense of the sender.

Vendor Registration

Columbus Consolidated Government utilizes the Georgia Procurement Registry to email notifications of procurement opportunities. Vendors interested in receiving email notifications should register as a supplier with the Georgia Department of Administrative Services; use the above Vendor Registration link to register with the Georgia Procurement Registry.


Andrea McCorvey, Purchasing Manager
Della Lewis, CPPB, GCPA, Buyer Specialist
Sandra Chandler, Buyer
Heather Biddle, Buyer
Patti Postorino, Buyer


Columbus Consolidated Government
Finance Department/Purchasing Division
Post Office Box 1340
Columbus, GA 31902-1340


RFB No. 24-0027

Ballfield Groomer

Buyer: Sandra Chandler

Wednesday, March 20, 2024

(No later than 2:30 PM)

PQ No. 24-0003

Storage Container for Public Works

Buyer:  Heather Biddle

Wednesday, March 6, 2024

(No later than 2:30 PM)

RFB No. 24-0025

Solar-Powered Bus Stop Lights (Annual Contract)

Buyer: Sandra Chandler

Addendum No. 1

Wednesday, March  13, 2024

(No later than 2:30 PM)

RFB No. 24-0026

Stage Curtains

Buyer:  Della Lewis, CPPB, GCPA

March 6, 2024

(No later than 2:30 PM)

RFP No. 24-0006

Temporary Staffing for the Columbus Consolidated Government (Annual Contract)

Buyer: Sandra Chandler

Addendum No. 1

Addendum No. 2

Friday, March 8, 2024

(No later than 5:00 PM)

RFP No. 24-0020

Veterinary Services (Annual Contract)

Buyer:  Della Lewis, CPPB, GCPA

Addendum No. 1

March 1, 2024

(No later than 5:00 PM)