The Columbus, Georgia Department of Fire and Emergency Medical Services (Department) is a department rich in history and tradition. The Department has proudly served the community and the surrounding region for over 180 years. Emergency services are provided to the region from fourteen (14) strategically located fire stations. With nearly four hundred personnel, the Columbus Fire and EMS (CFEMS) Department provides world class, all-hazards response capabilities to the City, the County, and the surrounding region.

In addition to fire response capability, the Department offers Advanced Life Support (ALS) emergency medical services by providing ALS capable fire engines and twelve paramedic ambulance response units from fire stations across the City. Ambulance services are currently provided via a partnership by Columbus Fire & EMS and three private ambulance services with six units belonging to CFEMS, and six units provided by private partners.

Columbus Fire & EMS is international accredited by the Center for Fire Accreditation International. Accreditation for the Fire Department means there is a model of continuous improvement in place to ensure the department remains progressive in-service delivery. The Department obtained an Insurance Services Organization (ISO) Class 1 rating in 2017. This is the highest available rating that evaluates the City’s capacity to respond to fire emergencies. There are currently only 77 fire service agencies in the country that are both internationally accredited and ISO Class 1. This is indicative of the department’s efforts to be truly world class.

The department responds to roughly 40,000 calls for service annually. The CFEMS is currently organized into five divisions: Community Risk Reduction, Operations, Administrative Services, Training, and the Office of Emergency Management. The Chief of Fire and Emergency Medical Services serves as the Chief Administrative Officer and is responsible for the overall operation of the department. The Chief reports directly to the Mayor who also serves as the Public Safety Director.

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