What we do

The Muscogee County Sheriff’s Office Training Division conducts year-round training for approximately 400 sworn and non-sworn personnel on an annual basis. This training ranges from report writing, de-escalation, cultural awareness, use of force, etc. We also offer a variety of civilian training courses like NRA’s Refuse to be a Victim, Civilian Firearms Course, Women’s Self Defense, and Citizens Law Enforcement Training Academy.

By following the direction, leadership, and vision of Sheriff Gregory Countryman the Training Division is also moving into more 21st Century Technology and Training methods. Training is now utilizing the use of Axon’s, better known as Taser, VR headsets within multiple training courses. The headsets allow us to give the user real life scenario-based training from the safety of a classroom, but with the actual feel of the scenario might be like in real life. We can then review what the deputy did during the scenario and see if any improvements can or need to be made. This really helps the deputies learn how to best de-escalate situations during a scenario with multiple choice responses that are built into the headsets.

We have also started to use the Axon VR headsets with use of force training, and firearms simulation training. This helps us to save money on ammunition, as well as give deputies invaluable opportunities to learn from the safety of the classroom. The more real-life scenario-based training a deputy receives and the feedback they get from each scenario the more likely they are to have a better outcome during an actual incident.

Along with the VR headsets we have also purchased and started using a firearms training tool called Mantis. The Mantis system can be installed onto the end of the deputy’s pistol to help the user become more proficient in their trigger manipulation skills. Every pull of the trigger with the Mantis system saves a real live round and gives the deputy instant feedback into what they could do better on the next trigger pull. With the aid of the Mantis system, we have been able to see better shooting skills on the range when the shooter is firing live ammunition.

The Muscogee County Sheriff’s Office Training Division looks forward to furthering our instructional methodologies and use of technology in the coming years!