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Linwood Cemetery 

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Community Service

Community Service Division’s goal is to remove litter from all major streets once a month. Minor streets are mostly done per work order request using Q-Alert.

Community Service Division cuts city owned lots and Beautification cuts city right of way’s.

Community Service Division does not pick up organic bulk waste such as limbs, leaves and grass clippings.

Community Service Division only picks up trash or litter from the city right of way. Beautification removes anything from in the roadway due to safety concerns and safety equipment.

Community Service Division does not pick up dead animals, small pieces of glass and/or anything smaller than a cigarette butt.

Integrated Waste

Contrary to popular belief, a landfill is highly regulated by the government which prohibits certain items from being disposed of with other items. We also want to maximize the amount of waste we can put in our landfill and diverting applicable material will prolong the life of our site.

This landfill is designated to receive waste from Muscogee County only.

No. The green cart is only used for yard waste.

Yes until 1 January, then all trash must fit inside the black household garbage cart.

Black is for household garbage, Blue is for recyclables, and green is for yard debris.

No. The carts are assigned to the original address and need to stay at that location.

Cardboard can be broken down to fit into the recycling cart or taken to the Sustainability Center or drop off sites.


Going from a ditch to a pipe slows or chokes the flow causing a flood hazard at the beginning of the pipe. Also, a pipe will not readily allow surface water to enter the drainage system.

We prioritize cave-ins based on risks to public safety and structural damage.

Due to the size of the county and the more than 700 miles of open ditches, we rely on the citizens to report maintenance issues to that they can be prioritized on a “first come first serve” basis.

The downtown area is part of the combined sewer system. This means that both stormwater, runoff and sanitary sewer share the same underground pipes. The systems are trapped in a similar fashion to a kitchen sink and sometimes the water in the trap evaporates and needs to be filled back up.

When you call 311 and state that there is a cave-in, either on your property or in the street, the city promptly sends a representative out to investigate the area and to place safety devices. It is not until the investigation is complete, that the responsible party can take appropriate action. Very often, there are more than one agency that has infrastructure underground in the same area, sometimes even right on top of each other.

Urban Forestry & Beautification

If that space has been declared city property, the city is responsible for the maintenance of trees between the sidewalk and the street.

The usual response time for action on service request is about 20 to 30 days.

Requested service area is private property or inspector recommended no action taken for safety reasons.

Please call our customer service number (311) and provide details such as the exact location and a detailed description of the problem.

Is the tree on an Easement or on the Right of Way. Easements are private property making you responsible to remove the tree.

We cannot do evaluations of private trees. It places unnecessary liability on the City.

We cannot order private trees to be removed unless they are a direct threat to the Right-of-Way and public.

You may not cut the tree yourself or have a private contractor do the work. We have trained crews that will remove the tree. Please call 311 and make a work request.

Notify your neighbor in writing about your concerns. Send copies of your letter to your insurance company and attorney


Your work order will be placed in our Divisions Que. We address work orders on first come, first served basis. I cannot give an exact date but right now we are XXXXX weeks out.