Cemetery Division

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Columbus maintains four city-owned cemeteries:

  • Linwood Cemetery est. 1828
  • Porterdale Cemetery est. 1836
  • Riverdale Cemetery est. 1890
  • East Porterdale Cemetery est. 1946


Historic Linwood Cemetery est. 1828

721 Linwood Blvd
Columbus,GA 31901

Linwood cemetery was the first cemetery in Columbus, est. in 1828. A surveyor, Mr. Lloyd Thomas, who was working in Columbus, son became ill and died. Mr. Thomas buried his son and surveyed the four acres surrounding his son's grave to be used as a cemetery in Columbus. This cemetery is rich with history in that it is the final resting place for 500 Confederate servicemen, as well as other celebrated individuals, such as, Maj General Henry L. "Old Rock" Benning (for whom Ft. Benning is named), John Pemberton (who is the originator of the Coca-Cola formula), and Lizzie Rutherford, who began interest in the observance of a National Memorial Day, among countless others.

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Historic Porterdale Cemetery est. 1836

107 10th Avenue
Columbus, GA 31901

In Historic Porterdale, the earliest marked grave is dated 1836. It is believed the cemetery is named after the first African American Sexton in Columbus, Mr. Richard Porter, who served as Sexton from 1890 to 1916. Among countless marked and unmarked graves, some of the more celebrated are Ma Rainey, "Mother of Blues", and Mr. Bragg Smith, who was made famous in 1903 by his fruitless attempt to save the life of Public Services Director who was gathering information regarding a large brick sewer system that had collapsed. When the ground around the trench began to collapse, Mr. Smith lost his life attempting to save the life of his boss. Other famous people include Mr. William Spencer and Mr. Edward Sherald. Some earlier information suggest that there are slaves buried in this cemetery as well as the City's first paupers graves.

Historic Riverdale Cemetery est. 1890

1000 Victory Drive
Columbus, GA 31901

Riverdale Cemetery was established in 1890. The brick building near the entrance, erected in 1915, originally included a chapel, housing for the City Sexton and a bell tower atop an arched passageway for funeral processions. Through the years, special sections of the cemetery have been marked: by Shearith Israel and Temple Israel for members of those congregations, and by the American Legion for veterans of the armed forces. The office maintains records for all city-owned cemeteries.

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Historic East Porterdale Cemetery est. 1946

320 10th Avenue
Columbus, GA 31901

Established in 1946, many African American families purchased lots, sometimes many together, to form family lots that are still being used regularly today. In 1993, based on an urgent need, the pauper section was extended to this particular cemetery. Civil rights advocate who campaigned for the right for all to vote, Mr. Primus King are among those buried in East Porterdale cemetery.

Opening and Closing Fees

Grave opening and closing for full body burial
Infants (up to 1 year of age)
Weekdays: $350
Weekends: $450
Children (1-5 years of age)
Weekdays: $550
Weekends: $650
Adults (includes children over 5 years of age)
Weekdays: $900
Weekends: $1,150
Disposition of cremation remains with ash container
Internment of cremation ashes in owned burial lot
Weekdays: $300
Weekends: $500
Installation of cremation ashes in Veteran's Columbarium
Weekdays: $100
Weekends: $200
Application and Recording Fee
Purchase of long term storage in marked drawer in Veteran's Columbarium

Indigent Burials and Cremations

The city provides burial and cremation for individuals who have no assets or who have no apparent family. City cemeteries have areas designed for burial of "Indigent" persons or ashes. The service is provided in order to give a dignified final resting place for individuals when families or loved ones do not have the means of providing a normal burial or cremation.

For those indigent who are cremated, the ashes will remain in the custody of the city and preserved permanently in a dignified manner. In order to be considered for this service, families or friends of the deceased must qualify through the Department of Family and Children Services (DFACS).

Please read this FAQ Brochure for further steps and qualifications.

Burials must be scheduled 24 hours in advance with burial service no later than 4:00pm weekdays and not before Monday, 11:00am. Pauper burials may be scheduled for 10:00am or 1:00pm. Columbus, GA Code of Ordinances: Section 9