Facilities Maintenance

Johnny Harp - Division Manager


Edward Minton - Assistant Division Manager


The Facilities Maintenance Division is responsible for the general and preventive maintenance of all City facilities to include the following: carpentry/painting, electrical, plumbing, HVAC, irrigation, and custodial duties. This division also provides a broad range of general support and administrative services to all departments of the Columbus Consolidated Government.

  • Write specifications and draw up plans for minor renovations for all city facilities (524).
  • Coordinate with architectural contractors on the construction and renovation of all city facilities.
  • Coordinate with contractors for all city facilities' repairs/renovations, etc.
  • Order and track all utility meters for city property.
  • Process invoices from maintenance vendors (for material/labor) by distributing charges to the proper departments.


  • All carpentry maintenance of city facilities.
  • Some minor renovations/construction of city facilities.
  • Security locks and locking devices (electrical and mechanical).
  • Installation and maintenance of electrical equipment for city facilities to include, but not limited to, the following: ball fields, tennis courts, recreation centers, swimming pools, civil defense sirens. fountains, security systems, etc.
  • Street lights
  • Holiday Decorations
  • Coordinate, install and oversee electrical equipment for Special events.
  • Plumbers are responsible for the installation and maintenance of plumbing equipment for city facilities which include, the following: ball fields, tennis courts, recreation centers, swimming pools, fountains, etc.
  • Gate valves for watershed lakes
  • Coordinate, install and oversee plumbing equipment for special events.
  • Installation and maintenance of sprinkler system for city facilities to include, but not limited to the following: parks, ball fields, medians, gateway project, etc.
  • Installation and maintenance of heating and air conditioning system equipment for city facilities
  • Installation and maintenance of freezer/cooler lockers.
  • Maintenance of drinking fountains (compressors).

Standard Operating Procedures

The primary function of this division is to maintain all City facilities by performing the following duties:

  • Facilities Maintenance's Responsibilities comprises the repair of - Electrical, Plumbing, HVAC, Carpentry, and Irrigation.
  • Painting
  • Small Additions
  • Custodial services
    • Responsible for all janitorial services at the Government Center, the Annex, the Citizens Service Center, and the Public Works Building.
    • Responsible for set up/clean up for all event reservations made for the Government Center.

Emergency Operations

When emergencies occur during working hours, the proper personnel are notified over the radio; they then leave to take care of the matter. If maintenance and repair are needed after working hours or on the weekends, the proper personnel are notified at home to rectify the problem. When the power, gas, water, or telephone company needs to be notified, we call them and assist in solving the problem.

Routine Operations

This division receives maintenance, repair, custodial, painting, and small addition calls from all departments within the city. Work orders are completed and given to the proper personnel to take prompt action.