Tommy Beauchamp - Division Manager


The Rainwater Division is the first to respond to citizen drainage and erosion problems. We are responsible for all city owned storm water systems, i.e. storm water pipes, inlets and open ditches. We are NOT however responsible for drinking water and sewer lines (those fall under the responsibility of the Columbus Water Works). In addition, we are not responsible for water flowing from private, industrial, or commercial property.

Driveways and driveway pipes are privately owned and maintained.

We are responsible for the flow of water in open ditches, detention ponds and dams on city maintained watershed lakes.

Storm drain inlets and connecting pipe systems are cleaned using eductor trucks. These trucks have a vacuum machine to clean-out inlets and a high-pressure water hose to blowout blockages in pipes.

Ditches are cleaned to keep water flowing at a minimum of twice a year and are checked for blockages during and after each major rain event.

Detention ponds are cleaned twice a year and watershed dams are mowed once a year, usually in late Fall.

If you see a cave-in or some form of storm water blockage, call the Citizens Service Center at (706) 653-4000 (Mon.-Fri. 7:00am until 5:30pm). In case of an emergency, dial 911.