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   The Urban Forestry & Beautification Division provides the following services on public property (right-of-ways, parks, and other properties).

Scott Jones - Urban Forestry &
Beautification Manager

  • Tree Planting - trees are planted in an effort to improve the beauty of our city.
  • Tree Pruning - Pruning is done to keep trees healthy and reduce damages during storms.
  • Tree removal - Trees are removed when it is determined that the tree is damaged to the point that it is a danger to the health and safety of the public or property.
  • Stump removal - Stumps are removed after the tree has been removed to restore the continuity of the area.

    During and after extreme weather, the Forestry Division provides emergency relief services to clear roadways and the public right-of-way of tree debris.

Create an on-Line Request for Service

   The Columbus Consolidated Government provides a local telephone number (311 or 706-653-4000) and the online form for the initiation of service requests. Service requests can be made for a variety of city services including potholes, street lights, drainage problems, missed garbage pickup, etc.

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  • Right-of-Way (R.O.W) - area provides quality and responsible service to the community by timely removal of roadway debris, grass and vegetation cutting on city right-of-ways, herbicide application and some turf repair on city right-of-ways.
  • Emergency Debris - removal of sand, gravel, oil spills, ice, and other road hazards. Emergency calls get same day service.
  • Installation of: - topsoil, grass seeds, and mulch on roadside ROWs that are 75 feet or less in length.

Trees and large limbs in the roadway are removed by the Forestry Division.
Call 311 for service.


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