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Most Frequently Asked Questions

What happens to our recyclables once they leave our homes? 

The recyclables are taken to our Recycling Center where they are properly sorted, then placed into bales. Items that are contaminated, or not recyclable are sent to the neighboring landfill. 

What is recycling contamination? 

Recycling contamination is non-recyclable material or garbage that ends up in the recycling system. Your blue recycling bin collects specific items, such as aluminum cans, paper, and plastic bottles. Anything other than those specific items could be considered a contaminant. Food waste, oils and other organic material can contaminate your recyclables as well. Too much contamination could cause your entire bin to be non-recyclable. Please make sure you are properly cleaning out your recyclables before placing them inside the bin. 

Why can't I recycle my plastic bags? 

All recycling centers have a limit on what they can and cannot accept based on their equipment. Our equipment does not process plastic bags, due to the bags getting caught and tangled in our machines. Removing the plastic bags becomes a hazard to our workers, and can cause serious damage over time. Please take your plastic bags to local grocery stores such as Publix and Walmart for recycling options. 

When will glass recycling return? 

There is no set date of when glass recycling will return to our recycling center. Please be patient as our center continues to research solutions that fit the request of the community and machinery capabilities of our vendors. 

How do I know if an item is recyclable?

Save our Recycling Do's & Don'ts Image Here, then download the Columbus Recycles App on your phone. This app helps you identify recyclable items, and gives you real time updates on your recycling pick-up schedule.

6 Things To Know For Automated Recycling:

  • Citizens have to order the new 65 Gallon Cart themselves by calling the Citizens Service Center at 311. Your recyclables will NOT be picked up if it is still within the old blue bin.
  • Your old 18 Gallon Bin is now yours to keep! We encourage you to use it within your home as a recycling sorter or as a compost bin outdoors. To learn how to start composting, click HERE
  • It will take up to 20 Days to deliver your new 65 Gallon cart. Please be patient as we continue to provide quality replacement services to all citizens in Columbus.
  • RememberDO NOT place any of your recyclables in plastic bags. Every item should be loose within your cart, free of plastic, food waste, and any other contamination.
  • Please note that Large Cardboard boxes can no longer be accepted with our new automated recycling. Please take all large cardboard boxes to drop off centers listed HERE. Only small cardboard boxes that can fit inside the 65 gallon Cart will be accepted.
  • The 65 Gallon Cart needs to have at least 3 feet of space between objects such as vehicles, mailboxes, other carts, etc., with wheels on the curb and handles to the house. This ensures that the handle on our machine can correctly pick up your cart and position it to empty the recyclables. If the cart is not positioned correctly, it will not be picked up. 

Yard/Bulk Waste Delay Update

The yard & bulk waste delay is currently at a two week minimum for the city. This is in part due to the shortage of inmates. Fewer people going to trial means fewer people doing time behind bars, and fewer inmates available to help with trash pickup. Below is the new outlined solution:

  • Yard waste service will have additional help coming in July with a contracted private hauler who will have a five truck, three man crew for normal collections each week. 
  • This will be no extra cost to the citizens of Columbus. 

Please be patient with the city as they work to implement these changes.  

Visit the Columbus Consolidated Government website for updates. 

For More Questions on Recycling contact (706) 225-4008 or email KCBC1987@columbusga.org

Columbus GA Recycles App

Download the Columbus GA Recycle app that will help you find information on how to recycle and dispose of a variety of materials.

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Check out the Recycling Center Location Map for your next drop-off.