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In June, we hosted our first ever Virtual Tour of Gardens!  We featured gardens across Columbus for both the beginner and advanced gardener! In addition to our tour, included was a Gardening Webinar featuring Master Gardeners, and Community Experts! We have kept our gallery up for the enjoyment of our public. Donations are always welcome and greatly appreciated! Stay green Columbus, and remember to Bloom Where You Are Planted.


Featured: Allison's Amazing Produce Garden 

Allison Davis, a student at St. Elmo, dedicated her free time during social distancing to create her first produce garden. Her teacher, Ms. Blackwell, is an advocate for Going Green and focused heavily on recycling and sustainability during their school lessons. These lessons encouraged Allison to start growing her own produce, including tomatoes, bush beans, bell peppers, yellow summer squash, eggplant, cucumber, lettuce, and watermelon! Allison now manages a full produce garden at her home, and is excited to continue watching her plants grow. Tour pictures of Allison's Amazing Produce Garden below!  

Allison VG4

Allison VG1637273079395255351

Allison VG2

Allison VG3637273078173980830

Featured: The Walker Peters Langdon House Kitchen Garden 

The Walker Peters Langdon house is a Federal style cottage built in 1828 and is considered the oldest house in the original town plan of Columbus.With such meaningful history, The Historic Columbus Foundation acquired the house in 1967.Following the acquisition a local garden club installed a garden behind the house with ornamental plantings not common to the 1800s.

The plant selection includes fennel, parsley and milkweed.All were used for medicinal or culinary purposes in the early to mid-nineteenth century.Today they are planted to attract butterflies to the WPL kitchen garden.The garden is currently registered with the Rosalynn Carter Butterfly Trail and the North American Butterfly Association as a certified butterfly garden.

The kitchen garden behind the Walker Peters Langdon house serves as demonstration garden today with the Historic Columbus Foundation offering docent-led tours to people visiting the Columbus area.Field trips allow local students to tour the garden and house learning the history and horticulture of Columbus. Over the years Master Gardeners have led many tours of the garden.The garden is open for self-guided tours, meditation and contemplation of life almost a century ago. Tour their Kitchen Garden below!

WPL House2637273117176315341

WPL House3637273117477253974

WPL Kitchen Garden

Featured: MercyMed Farm 

Tour their Garden below, then learn gardening techniques from their farmer, Keith Sims. 

Mercy Med9

Mercy Med2

Mercy Med3

Mercy Med5

Mercy Med1637273235604196436

Into The Roots:

Meet the Farmer behind the plants, Keith Sims.

Born and raised in Columbus, Keith joins MercyMed as a Public Health Advocate and MercyMed Farmer. He was a Medical Assistant at MercyMed for two years. But after a year of apprenticing at Jenny Jack Farms, an organic fruit and vegetable farm in Pine Mountain, GA, he returned to MercyMed in another role. 

His goal is to educate, empower and enable our patients and community about healthy lifestyles. His passion is for helping people taking ownership of their health through nutrition and connecting MercyMed patients to healthy, affordable food. He’s excited to bring his farming and community health expertise to MercyMed. 

MercyMed Farm offers all types of seasonal veggies and fruits: tomatoes, peppers, corn, zucchini, squash, beans,onion, lettuce beats, and kale.

This summer season they are growing a lot of tomatoes, squash, peppers, beans and cucumbers. Along with some basil, tulsi, eggplant, and okra.  

Connect with them on Facebook Here

Mercy Med6

Mercy Med7

Mercy Med8

Mercy Med10

Featured: The Pizza Garden by South Columbus Elementary 

South Columbus Elementary has started an exciting farm to table initiative with a goal to enhance healthy eating and sustainability in their community. They have planted several gardens throughout their school, but this tour will highlight their unique Pizza Garden. This special garden includes all your favorite pizza toppings, such as tomatoes, bell peppers, rosemary, thyme, basil, and mint! The students are supported and guided from their teachers and the UGA Extension Program. Some of their future plans include a Greenhouse and Bee Habitat, and we cannot wait to see what else these students cultivate! Watch below for their exclusive tour! 

South Columbus1637274987762078628

South Columbus2

South Columbus3

South Columbus4

South Columbus5

South Columbus6

South Columbus7

South Columbus8

Featured: Liberty Theater Community Garden

The Liberty Theatre & Cultural Center is a historical performance arts building located in the heart of downtown Columbus. The theater first opened its doors in 1924 as a segregated theater where music legends such as Ma Rainey and Cab Calloway performed. The theater is dedicated to promoting African American heritage and cultural intellectual activities that promotes sustainabiity for future generations. In early May, their Executive Director, Dr. Shae Anderson and local farmer, Abeika Alexander from Durty Beets partnered together for a new project of building a community garden. The goal for the garden is to provide healthy food access for their area, and to use the garden as an educational tool for the public. With help from non-profit, Mission Continued, and a grant from Georgia Organic, they were able to install 10 Garden Beds and an irrigation system on the side of their building. As of today, they have planted tomatoes, green peppers, squash, sweet potatoes, jalapeno peppers, basil, and marigold. Every Sunday, the local community comes together to continue building and nurturing the garden by pulling weeds, digging trenches, and planting more seeds. Future plans for the garden includes adding more fruit trees, bee hives, and starting a garden committee that oversees the garden on a daily basis. To learn more on how you can support their efforts, contact the Liberty Theater at (706) 653-7566. 





Liberty Theater Garden1637274881381600457


Liberty Theater Garden2

Follow their journey by visiting our Youtube Channel-

Featured: Bradley Circle Garden 

Nestled into the community of Bradley Circle is a garden created with love and hope for the people who surround it. Created by Take The City and Grace Presbyterian Church, the garden has a mission of bringing people together and providing fresh vegetables throughout the year. Each winter they plant various types of vegetables that can grow in colder weather. Then in the spring, they plant vegetables that will grow through the summer. The garden is located on an empty lot in their community, and has been filled with children of their neighborhood and church volunteers that help maintain it on a daily basis. This garden comes as an addition to a greater mission from Take The City to establish sustainable efforts unique to each neighborhood that would revitalize entire areas of surrounding communities. Their mission is based on the belief that Transformed People, Transform Cities. Take a Tour of their Garden by watching the video below, and learn more about their mission Here

Bradley Circle Garden1

Bradley Circle Garden2

Featured: Lucy May's Fairy Garden 

Join Lucy for a whimsical ride through her exclusive Fairy Garden! The fairies have taken over with schools, homes, and castles within an array of beautiful plants and natural structures. They have done a great job blending in and creating their own magical community! Watch her tour by clicking the video below!