Recycling Kids Corner

Kid's Recycling Corner

There are hidden gems that surround us everywhere, even within our own home! These gems are disguised as trash, but if given the right attention, can be transformed into something beautiful that you will treasure forever. This magic transformation takes very little supplies, but requires a lot of imagination! Check out our tips below to start your recycling craft journey.

Ready, Set, DIY!

Recycling crafts are fun for the entire family to enjoy, and a great way to become more educated in earth preservation! Try our top June DIY projects!


Painting rocks is a fun arts and crafts activity to make your garden colorful or to share a special message! This produces little to no waste, and isn't harmful to the environment. Grab some rocks and paint and have a rock paint party this summer!


Bow tie pasta art is a cool easy way to craft with items around your home! Simply grab some bow pasta, paint, glue, and paper to create dazzling designs for the entire family to enjoy.

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