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Monthly Focus:  June Bug Summer

The bugs are back! I know it can be pesky dealing with the summer insects, but remember bugs have a purpose too and some are vital for your garden. So before you start spraying the harmful repellents, learn about these bugs and how they help!

Good June Bugs:

  • Ladybugs- Ladybugs are the most well-known of all the beneficial bugs in the garden. Part of the reason they are beneficial is that they eat quite a few of the bad bugs. Each ladybug can eat fifty to sixty aphids per day and over five thousand in a lifetime. In addition, they also like to munch on mealy worms, leafhoppers, and mites.
    • How To Attract Them: Plant Dill and Fennel. 
  • Spined Soldier Bugs-This is a type of stink bug, but do not fret, they are beneficial to your garden. These bugs are predators of caterpillars and beetle larvae. How can you tell them apart from the bad stink bugs though? You can because their shoulders and their legs have spines while the other stink bugs do not have this distinction.
    • How to Attract Them: Plant Perinneal Flowers
  • Tachinid Fly- One of the things that I think is really neat about these flies is that they insert their larvae into a “bad bug” and when the larvae hatch they eat the bug from the inside out. If the tachinid fly decides to lay their larvae somewhere else and a bug comes up and eats the larvae, their lunch will eventually kill them and the larvae will still live (Crazy, we know!). They are also really tiny, so they don't annoy you in the garden. 
    • How to Attract Them: Plant dill, Parsley, Clover, and Herbs
  • Braconid Wasps- Like the fly, these wasps attach their larvae to the tomato hornworm, as shown above. The larvae start out eating the hornworm alive and by the time the wasps are fully grown, the hornworm is dead. The female will lay from 100-400 eggs at one time, so the impact will definitely make a difference as you see your tomatoes flourish. They also will eat aphids, codling moths, garden webworms and many different caterpillars, beetles, and flies.
    • How to Attract Them: Plant nectar plants with small flower
  • Ground Beetles-  The ground beetles are nocturnal and get all the bugs that are on the ground (go figure). Some of the bad bugs they will help you get rid of includes slugs, snails, cutworms, cabbage maggots, and caterpillars. And boy can they eat! One beetle larvae can kill up to fifty caterpillars.
    • How to Attract Them: They will come in your compost pile or if you plant Perennials

To Learn More about the "Good" Bugs, visit HERE.

Peachy Clean & Green Columbus!  

Litter and blight is harmful to our environment, yet it is the most preventable thing we can do as citizens. Our new campaign, "Peachy Clean & Green" focuses on litter awareness and recycling to increase the cleanliness of our city. 

First thing first, we want to hear from you! Take our Litter Survey to help us tackle litter disturbance and behavior in our community. Your feedback is valuable and helps us with our beautification efforts. Click the image below to be redirected to our survey page.

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Keep it Peachy Clean and Green Columbus. Do Your Best To Eliminate Mess! 

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