Information Technology

Technical Operations

The Information Technology Department's PC technicians support around 2,000 personal computers.   This includes around 200 portable computers, over 790 virtual desktops, approximately 120 servers (many of which are virtual) on a centralized network running Windows NOS.  It is very challenging to maintain hardware and software support for this number of computers.  We ask everybody to create IT Central Requests for problems and any other issue when working with the IT Department. Instead of contacting someone in IT directly, create an IT Central online. The request will be responded to immediately, and then routed to the appropriate technician or staff.  IT Centrals include installations, training support, relocations, phone problems, website updates, or just answers to questions. Sometimes employees will say, "I just don't know how to explain it."  Just type it like you would tell it. A person will call you back shortly to obtain more information.

   The Personal Computer technical staff support over one thousand, six hundred Personal Computers throughout the city.  This equates to about 400 computers per technician.