Information Technology

Systems and Programming

The Development Division is separated into two sections Systems & Enterprise Applications and Programming & Development. Our division's mission is to create and support applications that store business critical information which allows the Columbus Consolidated Government to operate in an efficient and effective manner.

The day-to-day operations of the Development Division are overseen by an Application Development and Support Manager.

Systems & Enterprise Applications 
The Systems & Enterprise Applications section consists of one Application Development Coordinator and two Application Support Analysts. Support is provided for in-house developed applications as well as third-party Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems. Programming support is accomplished using ICCF, COBOL and Cross System Products (CSP). The database management systems include Virtual Storage Access Methods (VSAM) and DB2 for VSE. Our programming staff uses desktops and/or laptops that run Windows operating systems. Connections to our mainframe is acquired using IBM Personal Communications through our network.

Programming & Development 
The Programming & Development section consists of a Programming and Development Coordinator and two Application Programmers. This section is responsible for developing and maintaining in-house applications. Our programmers have developed and continue to maintain around 200 databases utilized by every department in the Columbus Consolidated Government. The majority of our applications are managed using the .Domino Framework (IBM Lotus Notes). Lotus Notes client applications are primarily written utilizing two proprietary languages, @Formula and LotusScript. Lotus Notes web-based applications require using both proprietary languages along with the standard web programming languages (HTML, CSS, and JavaScript). However, we a currently in the process of switching database application technologies from Lotus Notes to SQL-based web applications using Microsoft SQL Server and C#.