Information Technology

Department of Information Technology: Reliable, Dependable, Accurate.

The Department of Information Technology provides a full range of management information and processing services for all departments of The Columbus Consolidated Government. This includes the responsibilities for long range planning and implementation of new information computer systems which best meet the requirements of user departments. The I.T. Department is comprised of four Sections: Operations, Systems & Programming, Web Development, and LAN Administration. 

Mission Statement:

To Provide Efficient, Innovative, and Cost Effective Computer Services necessary to Support and Enhance the daily business operations of the Consolidated Government so as to Better Serve the Citizens of Columbus, Georgia. 

1111 1st Avenue - Columbus, Georgia 31901 
2nd Floor City Hall 
Telephone: (706) 653-4045 
Hours of Operation: 8:00am - 5:00pm EST 
(Operators are on duty weekday nights)