Our Staff

Director - Ryan Pruett

Assistant Director - Fred Cobb

Plans Examiners

Charles LaPlace
Jamaal Williams

Officer Manager - Jazmine Scott

Permit Technicians

Tanika Jones
Delaine Silva
Glinda Coleman

GIS Technician - Isaac Todd

Code Enforcement

Code Enforcement Manager - Natalia Zeigler

Code Enforcement Technician - Latori Knighten

Code Enforcement Officers

Brian Scully
Ramiro Ramirez
Shawn Rowley
Trevor Thornton
Brandon Wright
Tresden Wilson
Todd Henderson


Chief Inspector - Phillip Smith

Building Inspectors

Brett Faulkner
Ethan Hedden
Arthur Salaka

Electrical Inspectors

Electrical Inspector Coordinator - Joe Matheson

Dalton Smith

Gleibus Baker

Plumbing/Mech Inspectors

Bobby Frullaney
Quincy Washington

If you would like to contact the department, please call
(706) 653-4126 or email us at inspections@columbusga.org