Homeland Security & Emergency Management

Columbus Consolidated Government

Muscogee County, Georgia

Outdoor Warning Sirens

Columbus has 47 Outdoor Warning Sirens across the city. The sirens provide emergency notification to citizens and visitors of Columbus while outdoors. The sirens are not designed for people to hear them while indoors, we suggest people purchase NOAA weather radios, download weather smart phone apps, or tune to local news outlets when there is an outlook for severe weather.

Siren Locations

Sirens are located all across Columbus and likely in areas near your neighborhood, parks, recreation, and other public areas.

Siren Testing

The sirens are scheduled to be tested each Saturday at noon. In the event of bad weather in the area, the siren test may be canceled.

Siren Maintenance

Columbus has a contract for siren maintenance which includes testing, parts, labor, and battery replacement. Any issues may be reported to 311 or our office at 706-225-4300.

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