Homeland Security & Emergency Management

Columbus Consolidated Government

Muscogee County, Georgia

COVID-19 - Public Health Emergencies

Emergency Management has always planned and prepared for any public health crisis to include any pandemics that my affect our community. In 2020, that fear became a reality when COVID reach pandemic status.

Emergency Management worked under the direction of the Mayor/Public Safety Director to communicate with the public while coordinating and requesting any needed resources. Resources received from the Georgia Emergency Management Agency include PPE (Personal Protective Equipment), ventilators, medical supplies, medical personnel, facility security, and more.

Emergency Management also coordinated testing and vaccination sites across the city while partnering with the Georgia Department of Public Health to ensure that every citizen had the opportunity to be vaccinated and/or tested.

The COVID pandemic taught all first responder agencies as well as local, state, and federal agencies a great lesson in the importance of key partnership, planning, preparedness, response, and recovery.

For more information on COVID or any ongoing public health emergency, visit Georgia Department of Public Health


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