Homeland Security & Emergency Management

Columbus Consolidated Government

Muscogee County, Georgia

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Chance D. Corbett, Director

Director Chance D. Corbett

Chance D. Corbett serves as the Homeland Security and Emergency Management Director for the Columbus Consolidated Government. Director Corbett has been in public safety since 1987 when he began his career as a volunteer firefighter with the Ladonia Volunteer Fire Department in Russell County, Alabama. Chance became a Paramedic and worked for Phenix Ambulance and Stat Ambulance during which time he began his law enforcement career with the Russell County Sheriff’s Office where he was promoted to Patrol Sergeant and team leader of the Special Tactics and Response team (S.T.A.R.).

In June 2001, Chance was appointed as the Director of the Russell County Office of Emergency Management and Homeland Security where he reorganized and rebranded that department. Chance served in that position until 2007 when, after conducting an emergency exercise for their campus, Chance was recruited and hired to start the first emergency management program at Auburn University. While at Auburn, Chance was also asked to serve as the Interim Executive Director for Campus Safety & Security which lasted for 29 months. During that time, Chance completely reorganized the department to be more effective and led a $4.8 million building renovation for the police and campus safety departments which included the addition of a state-of-the-art emergency operations center.

In 2020, Chance retired from Auburn University at age 48 to accept his current position with the Columbus Consolidated Government.Chance is a current law enforcement officer and Paramedic in both Georgia and Alabama. Chance is a Certified Emergency Manager in Georgia, holds the master’s level certification for emergency manager in Alabama, and for the past 15 years has held the designation of Certified Emergency Manager with the International Association of Emergency Managers.

Chance received his Master of Education Degree from Troy University and has been instructing first responder and emergency management college courses since 2003.

Quincy Preer, Deputy Director

Deputy Director Quincy Preer

Quincy Preer serves as the Deputy Director of Emergency Management for the Columbus Consolidated Government. Quincy has served Columbus in a public safety role for 20 years. Quincy’s first 18 years were served with the Columbus Fire & EMS department where he earned the permeant rank of Sergeant and was appointed to Captain upon being hired as an Emergency Planner with Emergency Management division. In August 2023, Quincy was appointed Deputy Director of Emergency Management in the Department of Homeland Security. During the pandemic of 2020, Quincy also worked with the Department of Public Health in 2020 administering vaccinations at various COVID-19 vaccination clinics across the city.

Quincy Preer is a certified EMT-Intermediate and is a Certified Emergency Manager as required by the Georgia Emergency Management Agency. Quincy is also scheduled to complete the Advance Certified Emergency Manager certification in November 2023. Quincy obtained his bachelor’s degree in 2015 from Columbus State University in Health Science.


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