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Thank you for your interest in joining the Georgia Search And Rescue West Central Task Force 4A (GSAR WCTF 4A). Below is a brief description of Task Force work environments and requirements. **Applicants cannot have a felony conviction, pattern of misdemeanor convictions or repeated traffic violations.**

work environment

Structural collapse and rescue operations are performed in very dangerous and physically demanding environments. Personnel involved in search and rescue operations must possess the stamina necessary to safely and effectively carry out sustained operations over many hours, often without sleep or sufficient relief.

Task Force personnel must possess sufficient strength to transport, handle and operate heavy tools and equipment. Each member of the Task Force who enters a collapsed building or the designated hazard zone must be capable of

  1. Negotiating rubble piles and uneven surfaces.
  2. Working in confined spaces.
  3. Carrying required equipment.
  4. Climbing ladders and working at various heights.
  5. Quickly exiting void spaces to escape dangers associated with the secondary collapse of a structure.


As part of the Selection Process, each applicant for GSAR WCTF 4A must complete the following:

  1. Submit a completed notarized GSAR WCTF 4A Personal Information Package. Download the Personal Information Package. (You will need Adobe Reader to open this file. If you do not have Adobe Reader, you may download Adobe Reader now.)
  2. All Personal Information Package forms must be signed and attached.
  3. Pass the Physical Ability Test.
  4. Pass an oral interview and skills assessment, if applicable.
  5. Pass the application review by the Selection Committee.
  6. Show proof of a recent (within a year) National Criminal History and fingerprint background check.

physical ability test

The following physical ability events are a minimum and apply to all Task Force members who enter hazardous zones during deployment.

Event 1: Confined Space Entry

Crawl through a tube 20-feet long and 24 inches in diameter from one end to the other, and then crawl backwards to the point of origin.

Event 2: Ladder Climb

Ascend a 35-foot fire department ladder; touch the top rung with one hand and then descend back to the ground. Do not stop while going up or down the ladder.

Event 3: Equipment Carry

Lift a 50-pound box from an elevated waist high surface, carry it in a walking carry for 200-feet (without putting the box down) and then return the box to the starting point. You must be able to complete this task without dropping the box.

Event 4: Tool Carry

Lift a 40-pound hydraulic tool from the lift gate of a truck and place it on the ground. Then return the tool back to the life gate. This procedure will be repeated ten times, within a two minute time period. Hands may be switched provided the participant verbally indicates that switching of hands is desired before actually doing so.

Event 5: Balance Beam Walk

Walk the length of a 12-foot beam that is four inches wide (unsupported and unassisted) without falling off or stepping from the beam.

GSAR WCTF Volunteer Application

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