safety officer

The Safety Officer is responsible for monitoring and assessing the safety aspects during deployment. The Safety Officer reports directly to the Task Force Team Leader.

The Safety Officer is responsible for:

  • Overseeing all health and safety aspects of the Task Force Team response and the fitness and welfare of Task Force Team personnel.
  • This includes the personal safety at the POD; in transit, vehicles used during transit, at layover sites, the POA/Mobilization Center/Reception Center, at the Base of Operations and the operational work sites and patient safety.
  • All roles will be evaluated to assure that optimal safety and injury prevention is being practiced at all times. This is particularly important for camp set-up and function, respiratory and other protective equipment at the work sites, safe operation of motor vehicles and tools and other considerations.
  • In cooperation with the Medical Team Manager, investigating, completing, and forwarding all reports in regards to personnel injuries and illnesses to the appropriate organization.
  • Preventing injuries and illnesses among the Task Force Team members.
  • Immediate intervention of activities to prevent the loss of life and prevention of injuries.
  • Preparing and maintaining entry permits, records and reports.
  • Developing and implementing the safety component of the Task Force Action Plan.
  • Accountability, maintenance and minor repairs for all issued equipment.
  • Adhering to all safety procedures.
  • Performing additional tasks or duties as assigned during a mission.
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