Task Force Components

Georgia Search and Rescue West Central Task Force 4A is a Type 3 Urban Search & Rescue and Type 2 Structural Collapse Team. All members of this team are highly trained in the most effective search & rescue techniques.

GSAR WCTF 4A members are organized into two platoons (Red and White). Each platoon is organized as follows:

  • Task Force Leader
  • Logistics Personnel
  • Planning Personnel
  • Safety Personnel
  • Search Personnel
  • Rescue Personnel
  • Medical Personnel
  • Communications Personnel
  • Hazardous Materials Personnel

In order to be deployable, each member of the task force must be fully qualified for their deployment position, per FEMA and GSAR WCTF 4A standards, and have participated in the previous quarterly training.

GSAR WCTF Volunteer Application

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