Columbus Fire & EMS

Knox Box

Columbus Fire and EMS requires the use of Knox-Box® Rapid Entry Products on all new commercial buildings and certain existing buildings located within the city of Columbus, GA (2018 International Fire Code Section 506.1). Fire departments across North America use the Knox-Box Rapid Entry System to prevent costly entry damage while protecting property and lives. When an emergency takes place, Knox® products allow immediate entry into buildings and property without forced entry damage or delay. Property owners store entrance keys, access cards and floor plans in high-security Knox-Box key boxes mounted near building entrances. Each Knox-Box purchased by a property owner is keyed to a single high security master key that is controlled by authorized public safety officers. Columbus Fire and EMS utilizes the Knox eLock system of key control. Columbus Fire and EMS utilizes the eApproval ordering process for customer convenience.

For more on Knox Box requirements and assistance contact the Community Risk Reduction Division: 706-225-4212


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