Columbus Fire & EMS


The Operations Division is responsible for delivering fire and emergency medical services to the community. The division has a total staff of 343 sworn personnel, and the city of Columbus is divided into three (3) battalions geographically. A minimum of 94 personnel on duty per shift. Personnel work a 24/48 work schedule. The Operations Division responds multiple units to the majority of approximately 57,000 emergency alarms annually. The Operations Division operates from fourteen (14) stations which house a total of thirteen (13) engines (pumpers), six (6) quints (ladder trucks), two (2) squad companies, six (6) advanced life support ambulances, one (1) dive rescue vehicle, (1) one Georgia Search and Rescue heavy rescue truck (GSAR) and six (6) private ambulances. The Operations Division is also responsible for overseeing the department's Special Operations Teams to include hazardous material response, high angle rescue, confined space rescue, trench rescue, and water rescue/recovery. Every company in Columbus Fire and EMS can deliver ALS care because an Advanced EMT is assigned to every unit. Also, every ladder truck, squad trucks and Engine 15 are strategically place through the city and all are equipped with new Homatro extrication equipment.

Station Number
Units Assigned
Station 1
E1, L1, M1, R1, B1
Station 2
E2, M2*, M22**
Station 3
E3, M3*
Station 4
E4, L4, M4*
Station 5
E5, M5
Station 6
E6, L6, S6, D6, M6*
Station 7
E7, M7*
Station 8
E8, L8, B2, M8
Station 9
E9, M9, GSAR
Station 10
E10, L10, M10, M16*
Station 11
E11, S11, M11
Station 12
E12, B3, M12**
Station 14
Station 15

* Private service ambulance: EMS Care
** Private service ambulance: Community Ambulance