Disclosure Year

Allen, Gary

City Council District 6

Ashe, Laketha

Board of Education District 7

Barnes, Jerry "Pops"

City Council District 1

Bryan, Buddy


Chambers, Kia

Board Of Education District At-Large

Cogle, Joanne

City Council District 7

Countryman, Greg


D'Antonio, Marc

Probate Court Judge

Davis, Glen

City Council

Forte, Danielle

Superior Court Clerk

Frey, Patricia

Board of Education District 7

Goddard, Suzanne

Solicitor General

Huff, Bruce

City Council District 3

Huff, Lula

Tax Commissioner

Hugley-Green, Patricia

Board Of Education District 1

Jackson, Vanessa

Board of Education District 3

McRae, Laurie

School Board District 5 Representative

Prather, Andy

State Court Judge

Schley, Margot

Board Of Education

Smith, Steven

Municipal Court Judge
Judge Municipal Court of Columbus

Temesgen, Pythias

Judge of the State Court of Muscogee

Thompson, Reginald

Municipal Court Clerk

Tillery, Nickie

Board Of Education District 2

Tucker, Toyia

City Council

Williams, Cathy

Board of Education District 7