Traffic Citation Information
Can I Pay My Citation Online?

For citations issued by the Columbus Police Department, CSU, GSP and DOT, please visit the online payment portal (eCourt) by clicking the link below.

METRA Parking Tickets

If you have been issued a citation from METRA for parking violations, you can now pay your ticket online. Click the link below, to pay your citation online:

METRA Online Payments

If you do not wish you pay your parking citation online, Click the link below for more information about paying a parking ticket

Columbus, Georgia Recorder's Court

Bonds must be posted no later than one day before the hearing date listed on the citation. BONDS WILL NOT BE ACCEPTED ON YOUR SCHEDULED HEARING DAY, NOR CAN YOU POST BOND ON A WEEKEND OR HOLIDAY. Therefore, if your hearing scheduled for a Monday, you must post bond no later than 4:30 P.M. on the preceding Friday. If your hearing is scheduled on the day after a legal holiday, you must post bond no later than 4:30 P.M. on the last business day before that legal holiday.

Going to Court

You may contest the charges on your citation by appearing in Recorder's Court on the day and time listed on the citation. If you fail to appear in Court to answer the charges and you have not posted a cash bond, you will be in CONTEMPT OF COURT and you will be assessed additional fees. The court may forward ticket information to the Department of Public Safety, which may result in the suspension of your driver's license.

Once the citation is issued, the officer is not allowed to change it. Only the Court may change it. The Court will change the appearance date only if you provide a valid reason that is satisfactory to the Court. THE JUDGES WILL NOT DISCUSS YOUR CASE WITH YOU BEFORE COURT. Neither can a police officer advise you on how you should handle your case in court. If you need assistance in this area, please contact an attorney.

In Recorder's Court, your name will be called and both you and the police officer will be allowed to approach the bench and tell the judge "your side of the story." You should bring any evidence or witnesses with you at this time. If you feel you need an attorney, he or she could be contacted prior to the court date so his/her schedule can be adjusted in order to appear with you.

Georgia law allows a person who is charged with a traffic offense to reduce his/her fine, by up to 20%, by taking a driver improvement course, provided the course is completed prior to the Court appearance. In addition, no points would be assessed on the offender's license. A person may only use this provision of the law once every five years.

Insurance violations may be reduced if you produce proper proof of insurance. However, the law does not allow for an outright dismissal.

There is a dress code in Recorder's Court. No shorts, cut-offs, halter-tops, hats or flip-flops of any kind are allowed. In addition, shoes and shirts are required. Casual or business dress is suggested. Also, no weapons, cellular phones or pagers are allowed in the courtroom.

If you have any questions, Contact the Columbus Georgia Recorder's Court