Unified Planning Work Program

The Unified Planning Work Program (UPWP) Report lists the transportation studies and tasks to be performed by the C-PCMPO staff. The annually updated UPWP contains several elements:

  1. The planning tasks and studies that will be conducted over a one to two year period;
  2. All federally funded studies as well as all relevant state and local planning activities conducted without federal funds;
  3. Funding sources identified for each project; and
  4. A schedule of activities and agency responsible for each task or study.


  • Final 2025 UPWP
  • Final 2023 UPWP - Amended Oct 2022
  • Unified Planning Work Program FY2024 (Final - March 2023)
  • UPWP Modification for PL Funded Studies
  • Columbus-Phenix City Transportation Study Unified Planning Work Program
    for FY 2024