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Workforce Reintegrative On-the-Job Training Placement and Retention Services for Dislocated Workers     - download in PDF format   -   download in WORD format   

Workforce Reintegrative Training (Work Experience and Placement Services) For Adult and Dislocated Workers     - download in PDF format   -   download in WORD format   

05/22/2017: Workforce One-Stop Operator Solicitation Package, Invitation for Bids
    - download in PDF format   -   download in WORD format    -   download correction

04/24/2017: WDA Career Services and Case Management Training Services for Adults, Dislocated Workers and Youth.

Program Year 2016: Solicitation Package/Invitation to Bid
      - Combined Work Readiness/On-the-Job Training

Solicitation Package/Invitation to Bid
      - Out-of-School Youth Internship ( Work Experience ) and Retention Services 

2015 Solicitation Package Invitation for Bids
     - Workforce Development Programs and Training for Adult and Dislocated Workers

RFP Solicitation Program year 2014-2015:
     - WIA funding to organizations interested in providing Youth Workforce Development services

RFP Solicitation Program year 2013-2014:
     - Youth Service Program Work Experience with Basic Skills upgrade

Minutes: Bidder's Conference Investment Area 14 - April 8, 2014

Agenda Bidders Conference April 8, 2013:
     - Lower Chattahoochee Workforce Area Fourteen Bidders Conference Q&A Session.

Q&A Bidders Conference:
     - Questions and Answers.