Short Term Vacation Rentals

Inspections & Code Department was authorized by City Council on October 9th, 2018, to regulate Short Term Vacation Rentals. You can review the ordinance passed by City Council here: 4.9.1 - Short Term Rentals

Owners desiring to obtain a Certificate of Occupancy for a Short-Term-Vacation Rental must submit the following information:

The short-term rental unit owner, short-term rental agent and 24 hour contact will consent to a criminal background check which will be reviewed by the Department before the application is accepted for processing. If any required background check reveals felonies within the last ten (10) years or a misdemeanor involving moral turpitude within the last five (5) years, the application will not be accepted for processing.

Each residence or unit must have a separate permit. So for every house/unit you intend to use for Short Term Rental, you must have registration associated with it. So for one house/unit you will pay the $40 Certificate of Occupancy fee plus $20 background check. If you submit multiple houses at one time, you will only be charged for one background check.

Once you have a Certificate of Occupancy approved from Inspections & Code, you will need to go by the Business License Office to obtain a business license for Short Term Vacation Rental. If you have any questions, please contact Inspections & Code Office at 706-653-4126 or Inspections@columbusga.org.

Short Term Vacation Rental Application

Example Floor Plan

Certificate of Occupancy Application